Our Board

Our board brings together a wide variety of people with diverse experiences and expertise.

Israa Hasani - Iraq
Iraqi social worker and trained culturally-competent interpreter at OHSU's Intercultural Psychiatry Program.

Halima Nur Mohammed - Somalia
Somali social worker and trained culturally-competent intrepreter at OHSU's Intercultural Psychiatry Program.

Chhabi Koirala - Bhutan
President of the Oregon Bhutanese Community Organization.  Employment Counselor at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization.

R. Bernal Cruz-Munoz - Guatemala
Employed as Case Coordinator for Unaccompanied Children Program through the Office of Refugee Resettlement. 

Victoria Libov - Crimea/Soviet Union
Senior Project Manager at Work Systems

Cheryl Coon - United States
Founder and Lead Attorney, Refugee Disability Benefits of Oregon

Nora Coon - United States
Law Clerk at Oregon Supreme Court

Special Advisers

Larry Kleinman
Co-founder of the Willamette Valley Immigration Project, precursor to PCUN, the largest Latino union in the state of Oregon. More recently Larry has focused his efforts as Director of National Initiatives of the Capaces Leadership Institute, a program of the Capaces Network, established in 2003 to unite nine organizations to promote peer relationships and foster mutual identification as a movement.

Toc Soneoulay-Gillespie
Director of the Health Resilience Program at CareOregon, formerly Refugee Resettlement Director at Catholic Charities NW.  Toc was a founding Board member of RDBO.