Our Board

Our board brings together a wide variety of people with diverse experiences and expertise.

Israa Hasani - Iraq
Iraqi social worker and trained culturally-competent interpreter at OHSU's Intercultural Psychiatry Program.

Halima Nur Mohammed - Somalia
Somali social worker and trained culturally-competent intrepreter at OHSU's Intercultural Psychiatry Program.

Chhabi Koirala - Bhutan
President of the Oregon Bhutanese Community Organization.  Employment Counselor at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization.

R. Bernal Cruz-Munoz - Guatemala
Case Coordinator for Unaccompanied Children Program through the Office of Refugee Resettlement. 

Victoria Libov - Crimea/Soviet Union
Senior Project Manager at Work Systems

Cheryl Coon - United States
Founder and Lead Attorney, Refugee Disability Benefits of Oregon

Teo DT Cho - Vietnam
Tax Accountant at Louisiana-Pacific Corp

Javid Ghorashian - Iran
Retired high-tech executive

Dr. Bassel Beitinjaneh - Syria
Doctor of Cardiology and Internal Medicine

Nora Coon - United States
Law Clerk at Oregon Supreme Court

Special Advisers

Larry Kleinman
Director of National Initiatives of the Capaces Leadership Institute; co-founder of the Willamette Valley Immigration Project, precursor to PCUN, the largest Latino union in Oregon.

Toc Soneoulay-Gillespie
Director of the Health Resilience Program at CareOregon, formerly Refugee Resettlement Director at Catholic Charities NW; one of the founding Board members of RDBO.

Laila Hajoo
President, Executive Director and co-founder of Islamic Social Services of Oregon; formerly software developer, quality test manager at Boeing, Evans and Sutherland, Intel and Mentor Graphics.