One Year of Helping Refugees

Dear Friends of Refugee Disability Benefits Oregon,

We are celebrating our first year as a nonprofit!  When we opened our doors in June 2016 no one would have predicted what the Trump administration would mean for refugees and immigrants

As of June 2017, we have assisted over 85 disabled refugees and immigrants and helped most of them to win approval of their applications for benefits.  

We also have advocated for disabled refugees and immigrants in the Multnomah County Health Department, in the Oregon Legislature, in federal agencies and most recently, in federal court, where we have sued the Social Security administration on behalf of a class of special immigrants. 

We appreciate and welcome your continuing help and supportPlease consider an additional or a new donation

Look for our reinvigorated blog to appear weekly to keep you updated.   Each week we will feature a story about one of our clients that we know you will find inspiring.