Refugee Disability Benefits Oregon is the first nonprofit in the United States to focus on refugees and immigrants with different abilities, who may be eligible for federal disability benefits.  We take a unique approach in which our attorneys work closely with health care providers, case managers and counselors, as well as the refugees they serve, to ensure that refugees’ cases are presented competently and compassionately. We handle cases at every step of the disability process, from initial application to hearing to federal court. We represent refugees as defined in section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act as well as individuals admitted under the Special Immigrant Visa program set out in Public Law 110.

Our work extends well beyond our focus on individuals.  We seek to assist and empower refugee families and communities through key initiatives led by our board, including identifying culturally sensitive healthcare providers, developing a network of culturally sensitive vocational counselors, and offering training to healthcare providers and Oregon’s judges in cultural competency.

The social security disability process can be frustrating.  We believe it is important for potential applicants to be realistic about their chances for approval.  We carefully evaluate the merits of each person’s case and suggest alternatives when we do not believe their case is strong.  These alternatives may range from vocational assistance to waiting until a stronger medical record has been established.

Learn about the Social Security process here.

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