What People Say

"It has been a pleasure to work with you on this project. Allowing us to talk about our work means a lot to us and all the people we serve. We thank you for including us in this and for all the work you do to advocate for better access to benefits and resources for refugees."
Pierre Morin, Ph.D., Lutheran Family Services

I really want to thank you again for everything you are doing for me. I also want you to know that the things you said to me in our meeting meant more to me than I have the words to express. It’s really important to me to have people that understand how hard all of this is and believe in me. Thank You seems inadequate but it’s all I have. From my heart, Thank You!

Tanya, Salem, OR

I’m sure things went as smooth as they did because of you being my lawyer. The man at the local SS office said that people have a lot of respect for you in the SS world. Thank you again so much.

Pam, Salem, OR

First I just want to thank you for being the actual person I met in the library, I did not have much faith in the system until I met you. But I knew that being honest and straight would win over. I’m not looking for hand outs – just to survive, so again thank you, my family thanks you.

~ Richard, Beaverton

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for representing me, for your compassion, understanding and support, for the fact that you believed in me. You did such a wonderful job representing me and I thank you for all your help.

~ Todd, Port Angeles

Cheryl Coon represented our daughter in Social Security proceedings. She was successful. And, we found her not only highly competent, but diligent, responsive, cooperative and sympathetic. Highest recommendation (from a retired lawyer).

~ Jack, Portland

Thank you for being such an AWESOME attorney in representing me in my case for my social security hearing. You have made a very strong, positive impact on me in my life. I will NEVER forget you, Cheryl! I’ll always be grateful to you for everything you’ve done for me! And thanks again for ALL of your time and hard work that you did in my case. I never would have won this hearing if it had not been for you and my doctor.

~ Mary, Troutdale

Cheryl, Your help and support have meant so much. Just knowing that you care made a difficult time easier, and I’ll be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness.

~ Peter, NE Portland

Cheryl, thank you for being so understanding and persistent with all the proceedings, I do believe that you saved me just in the nick of time.

~ Peter, SE Portland

Thanks for the great job at my hearing. Cheryl was absolutely fabulous.

~ Paul, Beaverton

Cheryl, you’re the best. No one else could have pulled this off or would have stuck with me. Thank you!

~ Alex, NW Portland

Thanks again for your perseverance and meticulous hard work regarding my case! The shock of winning the case has now worn off, and I feel much relieved of the stressful burdens associated with it.

~ Jeffery, Clackamas