Refugee Disability Benefits of Oregon (RDBO) accepts refugee clients for representation in their disability cases by referral from state and local agencies, health care providers, case workers, mental health providers, refugee agencies, community leaders and others who care for refugees. We represent refugees as defined in section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act as well as individuals admitted under the Special Immigrant Visa program, Public Law 110.


Our process begins with Cheryl meeting with a potential client at a mutually convenient location where interpreters are available to assist.  In that meeting, we evaluate eligibility for disability benefits and provide information about the process and the time it takes.

Our goal is to win cases as early as possible in the process, but when that isn’t possible, we will work together to develop a record of our client’s disability that will be persuasive – even if we have to fight all the way to federal court.


Translated Social Security Brochures

We have translated brochures available to explain the process: